• Delia Iaboni

The New 25 is 50 Plus

It’s used to be said that the new 30 is 20.

Nowadays things have changed , it’s very funny to think that when I was a teen I used to think and see 50 plus ladies like old grandmother and they were.

My own grandmother was 50 plus when I was around 13 years old and believe me I remember her very well.

My grandmother was a classy lady with her silver hair always done in a bum on top of her head and always smell and look amazing.

I saw her like a classy lady but an old lady. ( sorry )

Now here I am 50 plus and it’s hard to believe I am the old lady or not.

Thank goodness time have changed.

Today women live longer and overall more fulfilling lives thanks to so many things like

  1. Education:

Women are allowed to pursue their own education and with that they own freedoms. Marriage is not the only option anymore.

  1. Women empowering

Women now support each other in many ways through social media, clubs, associations

  1. Global Women awareness

This women rights and powers are not limited to one country or society is everywhere (Thank Goodness).

And many more factors

Going back to the new 50 are the new 30th

I truly believe it, I am proof for starters I am not a grandmother.

This days kids don’t want to marry or have kids like the old generation (me).

My son is 23 and I will be lucky if he chooses to marry one day.

I don’t know how to baked never did and don’t know if I will maybe one day when the grandkids arrive.😋

I definitely don’t look like my grandmother’s or act or dress or nothing. At least not yet.

I think the 50 plus ladies are 30 something in a 50s plus bodies.

Seriously I have ask a few friends if they feel 50 plus and everyone respond No.

It’s like one-day we were 30 trying to find our way in life and them we woke up being 50 plus.

I want you to enjoy what ever age you are in 20, 30, 40 or 50 plus like me.

We are ok it doesn’t matter what age you are it matters how you see yourself, how you feel about you, how you wake everyday what’s your first thought.

I wake up sometimes with pain arthritis I think but you know I say thank you God for one more day, thank you for the air I breath and for the family and even for my dog Zoe sleeping next to me.

So you have a beautiful life ahead of you don’t worry getting old actually it never happens.

It’s all up to you.

Welcome to New 50 plus. It’s grea!!!!

Iam 50 plus with a mind and feelings of a 30s and with the freedom, Self-love and wisdom.

Yes the new 50s is like having the cake and finally been able to eat it too.

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