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  • Delia Iaboni

Nails - The Luxury Of Todays Lifestyle

Nails are huge business this days. Only in Canada is a 4.5 billion industry according to ibisworld.

Some fact about nails:

Do you know that nails are made of keratin the same substance that creates hair and skin.

Nails grow faster in the summer

Nails grow faster in man

When you die Nails stop growing

Nail grow faster in your dominant hand.

Nail polish originated in China (3000 BC)

Do you want your nails to grow? Drink water.

My nails experiences

I have to confess I am not crazy about going to the nail salon not only I hate someone poking and pulling my fingertips but the time it takes for the technician to do manicure and pedicure.

I went to do my nails today. Why? I guess I want to feel like things are going back to normal. I want to see the light at the end of end of tunnel and somehow I associated doing my nails with going back to normal life pre pandemic.

I guess because everything was close for more than a year so when I heard that finally hair salon s and nail salon will be open I jump to make an appointment.

I walk into the nail salon and was surprised to see it empty. I thought it was going to be a line up from here to the moon.

Anyways I sat in the chair and did not know what color or style to do. That’s another things there is so much to choose from.

I chose a French manicure with the acrylic tip. My nails were too short so that was the best look.

Did I told I don’t like to do my nails? I usually cut them my self and just add shine.

Now I have to get used to this acrylic tip. As long as I can type and cook and clean we are fine.

I chose a nice blue color for my pedicure.

After an hour and I am not exaggerating we were finish.

Time to pay.

I had no idea prices were so high like I said I don’t go often.

To my surprise the total was $100 including tip.

The good thing is my nails look better than in a long time. The bad I am short $100.

I am not complaining, I believe it’s important to pamper yourselve.

Next time, I will find another way to pamper myself like a good dinner in a fancy restaurant or purchase a nice purse or shoes.

So that’s was my experience for today.

Keep living and enjoying the little pleasures of life .

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