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Happiness means different things to different people, however, our happiness is not set in stone

Sometimes it’s difficult for us to feel happy due to the unrealistic standards society has set upon us and the negativity we surround ourselves with and which in a way surrounds us. There are several tendencies we ingrain that can make us miserable and unhappy. Thankfully, by following the keys to happiness, we could maximize our potential for a lifetime full of joy and contentment.

Researchers have come to the conclusion that finding the balance of these keys may be the secret to a joyful life.

One of the keys to happiness or as it’s called, the essential one, has to do with taking care of your body. Exercise has proven to be way more beneficial to our mental health than money. Going for a walk, taking some fresh air in, all combined with fueling your body the right way can do wonders for you as a person.

The second key has to do with making learning a habit. Nothing can make you feel more alive, push you to the next day than learning a new skill or honing an existing one. The joy of acquiring or mastering something that’s new to you, can fulfill your need for autonomy or being self-directed, thus rewarding you with long-term happiness.

Random acts of kindness, is the third key to happiness. It may first come as a shock to you, thinking where’s the benefit you get from doing that, but in fact many experiments have concluded that kindness is a vital key to happiness, whether extended to people who are close to you, complete strangers or even yourself. Doing things for others can help with social anxiety and improve your mood, thus leading you to a healthy, meaningful life. You have probably noticed it yourself, the positive energy you feel after seeing one smile because of something you did for them and the way it makes you feel like a better person can make your day a whole lot better.

We are human beings, surrounded by each-other and as such, making meaningful connections should be and is one of our keys to happiness. Forming these connections and embracing one’s community is one of the core values we associate with happiness. Indeed, the importance of a community cannot be underestimated. In addition to the safety and support, we also derive the much-needed sense of togetherness and belonging when we find others who have the same values and interests as us. Spending the day with a friend, making one a compliment, having a conversation with an older person can make a world of difference to someone who’s been feeling down or struggling with loneliness.

The fifth key has to do with self-acceptance. These days with the social media around every corner, people have set unrealistic face and body images as role models and are constantly comparing themselves to edited pictures, faces full of makeup and surgery undergone bodies, leading them to body dysmorphia and a low self-confidence. Practicing acceptance as a habit can be difficult at first, but it’s possible to be good to yourself by shifting your perspective, accepting the fact that everyone is different and that there is beauty in each one of us. Indeed, embracing imperfections as your unique traits and acknowledging your strengths, can be a crucial key to happiness.

Finding meaning in your life is the sixth and last key, but not by importance. Possessing a sense of purpose in life is linked with greater life satisfaction, improved self-esteem, lasting relationships, and a more optimistic attitude. Leading a meaningful life could seem like a complicated process, but you can begin by prioritizing activities that bring you joy and a strong sense of purpose.

Everything we mentioned in this blog post is not something that just comes along the way, you have to work to be happy they say and we couldn’t have said it better. Instead of trying to put into practice all the keys to happiness at once, try reflecting on what each individual key means for you, and put them to work day by day depending on the situations. Always remember life is a beautiful journey, and every day is a great day for a fresh new start. Don’t go looking for happiness or waiting for it to come to you, instead become a better version of yourself and it will find you.

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