• Delia Iaboni


Have you ever thought about female empowerment? Perhaps you are women with revolutionary ideas. Most of the times we just hear or read some articles, reviews, and even hear from our friends about this…

First, we have to know what is female empowerment and the connection it has with nowadays feminism. Feminism is a specific way to think and act in society and try to solve some situations where some people do not give the rights that someone, especially women deserve. Sometimes it is with job, the way of some people act with the way of dress or accessories that young girls use. Actually, been free and have decision about yourself is a problem with the ones who has a close mind.

On the other hand, the empowerment referring about the power or authority that any person has with knowledge or influence about a determinate situation. When people talk about female empowerment is that woman and girls regardless their ages could do whatever they want and became their own boss life.

Some features that make a difference between empowerment girl and the one just obey what other said her are…

Develop their own communication style, it means that you have your own way to communicate your ideas, feelings and stuff. Is not necessary look or act like men. Is just be yourself and trust in your abilities.

You are the support for the improvement of other women. Help and make others shine makes you look better and confidence with other. Even your will improve your leader kills.

However, here I have some tips to start with this new stage of life.

Try to know yourself. It is easy to say nevertheless, a little bit difficult to practice that. Define an objective; goal to your future could be useful to the begging of this magical change journey.

Try new things is not about try activities that result stressful to you. Is try to change in a good way your unhealthy hobbies like sleep to much during the day to other like practice yoga which would help to relax and concentrate in your new habits.

At finally yet importantly, knowledge and education are the base of changes in the world and must inside us. Most of the time you have to look for new information to help yourself in this shift. Hunt some courses, trains, other languages. Everything will appear in the road. Trust me.

That is all for begin your new empowerment life.

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