• Delia Iaboni

Finding Mr. Right

How to find Mr. Right?

I always wonder how, in this crazy and fast world, single girls find Mr. Right?

Thank goodness I am happily married and don't have to worry about it. Ufffff

I went out with some girlfriends and was surprised to see how the single word really is.

My friends are single, attractive, and professionals. You would think that they have a line up of guys wanting to date them. But surprise, surprise the rules of the game have changed since I was single. Here is a list of today dating game:

  • Everyone wants everybody perfect, no flaws.

  • Perfect body, perfect job, perfect personality.

  • Very high expectations in terms of careers.

Can you believe it?

No one told them, that perfection does not exist. Especially in human beings. We are everything but perfect.

I guess it’s all the media, TV, IG, FB and whatever else is out there that keeps telling us that perfection exists and therefore we won’t settle for anything less.

Don’t get me wrong you have to have goals and a clear picture of who you want to share your life with, just keep in mind that the prince charming from our childhood stories is fictitious.

Ok so here are my tips if you are looking for a real Mr. Right :

  1. Get to know your self first. What you like and what you don’t like.

  2. Close the door to past relationships. Remember it’s over for a reason.

  3. Visualize the men you want as specific and clear as you can. I would even write down on a piece of paper and keep it close to you.

  4. Be open to opportunities. Sometimes Mr. Right is closer than you think.

  5. Go out I don’t think Mr. Right is going to come and knock in your door. (that would be too easy).

  6. These days you can meet new people so easily using the internet, match services, friends, church, school, work, supermarket, singles parties, or even the laundromat.

  7. It’s important also to meet new people and Mr. Right with your same interests. That’s why it’s important to know your self first. For example, if you like to read join a book club.

  8. Always be careful and use common sense when meetings new people. Have a safety strategy in place before going out with anyone.

Last but not least, enjoy each experience as unique. Everyone brings something new to your life. Life is beautiful and made to create new experiences. Alone or with a partner.

As a last comment someone told me once if you dont find Mr. Perfect ? relax and enjoy the wrong ones until the rights comes along.

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